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All information and records regarding you are kept strictly confidential.  We will not release any information about you to anyone except with your authority.  There are some qualifications to this.  If you were referred by a Medical Practitioner (or some other professional) we will usually send them an initial report, and provide regular reports of your progress.  This report is a normal professional courtesy to the referring doctor or agency.  It may be appropriate to liaise with them regarding related medical issues and medication.  If you have a Mental Health Care Plan prepared by your GP, in order to claim a Medicare rebate, then a written report to your GP is required - this is a Medicare requirement. 

Where the cost of your consultations is covered by an insurance company, regular reports are required by them. You are welcome to a copy of any report that is written concerning you.  If there are particular issues that come up in your therapy that you do not wish to have written about, please indicate this to your therapist.

We do not carry out assessments or provide reports for Court or Family Court matters.

If you are involved in a Court case and we are subpoenaed to appear in Court, psychologists' records have no special legal privilege.  We would not be allowed to withhold from the Court any information you have given us.

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